Video Testimonials

We are new to the area and needed our dog to be seen. The entire experience was great; all staff were friendly and professional. Thank you!

From the moment I talked to Donna on the telephone to the time my husband saw Dr. Droke, we have LOVED Cole Park. You have made our cat comfortable, happy, and well.

Excellent first experience!!

We wish you were our every day; hometown vets (not just our home-away-from-home vets!!).

I really enjoyed our first visit to your clinic, Comet is in good hands. Thank You.

We were very happy with the treatment we received and we will return with our new puppy in the fall.

The best veterinarian I’ve had in a long time!

We just love Connor, she is so sweet and great with the dogs!

An acupuncture testimonial from CPVH client Jill Grant:

“When I moved to Chapel Hill in the mid-90’s, my senior dog, Muffin, was having hip problems. My regular vet at Carrboro Animal Hospital was open to alternative treatments as an adjunct to her treatment regime. She encouraged me to contact Cole Park Veterinary Hospital to schedule an appointment with Dr. Pagel, who was trained in doing acupuncture with dogs. I made the initial appointment, began taking my dog on a regular basis, and after a short while, I was amazed at how much better she walked and seemed to feel for up to three weeks after her appointments. Typically, she walked into her appointments slowly and came out jumping around the parking lot. It truly improved her quality of life. I was also amazed at how she linked her appointments with feeling better–typically, she came it, would lie down, and relax without any prompting. This was amazing because Muffin did not especially like going to the vet!

Fast forward to the mid-2000’s when I began taking my senior dog, Bailey, to Cole Park for acupuncture and K-Laser treatments of his dislocated hip. Bailey had been participating in water treadmill therapy for a few years but suddenly (at age 17) experienced a dislocated hip and was unable to continue his therapy. I remember how much Muffin had benefitted from acupuncture years before and decided to take Bailey in to see if he could get some pain and inflammation relief from alternative treatments in addition to the medications he was already taking. By this time, Dr. Pagel and Dr. Droke were both practicing acupuncture, and both doctors were involved in Bailey’s care. He had regular acupuncture and K-Laser therapies for approximately 9 months, and I am sure that it improved his quality of life up until the very end. After his therapies, he appeared to have more strength, stamina, and less pain.

I highly recommend acupuncture and other prescribed alternative therapies for pets, as well as people, and I can say with certainty that my two senior dogs enjoyed an improved quality of life with acupuncture. I would not hesitate to seek out acupuncture treatment again for my dog at Cole Park Veterinary Hospital. I am so happy that there are such dedicated vets so close by who offer this service.” -Jill Grant