When a Referral is Needed

There may be a point in your pet’s life when referral to a specialist may be needed.

At Cole Park Veterinary Hospital we are extremely lucky to work with several specialists who will travel to our hospital and work closely with us in order to provide your pet with the best possible care. We use a board certified radiology group to perform ultrasounds when needed for in-depth imaging of the abdomen. We also work closely with a board certified surgeon who is available for consultation and performing especially complicated surgical procedures.

In some cases, consulting with a specialist may necessitate taking your pet to one of the excellent referral hospitals in the area. For example, if a heart murmur is heard on a routine physical exam we may recommend further evaluation by a cardiologist. This is because these specialists have completed additional training in the diagnosis and management of cardiac problems. The specialists also may have access to equipment and technology not available in a general practice. Our goal is to work together with the specialist as a team in the management of your pets specific needs. We do our best to make the process as smooth as possible by providing all lab work and radiographs to the referral hospital before your visit.

Finally, there are times when an animal may need very intensive care due to illness. or trauma. At times like these, it may be necessary to send the animal to a 24 hour (or emergency) hospital. This is because these hospitals are staffed around the clock and therefore can closely monitor your pet until they are more stable. Again, we are lucky to have several 24 hour emergency hospitals nearby which we maintain a close relationship with. These facilities are also available for after-hour emergencies when needed. Their contact information is listed below.

  • Triangle Veterinary Emergency Center (Durham) 489-0615
  • Veterinary Specialty Hospital (Cary) 233-4911
  • NC State College of Veterinary Medicine(Raleigh) 513-6911

By Dr. Megan Harris, DVM

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